[MEAC ICANN] Second Middle East Space_Topics

Hadia Abdelsalam Mokhtar EL miniawi Hadia at tra.gov.eg
Sun Feb 11 10:10:20 EET 2018

Dear Tijani and all, I would like to volunteer to be among the drafting team of the statement of the Second Middle East Space topic " WHOIS compliance with the GDPR".



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Thanks Tijani and all - though late but I would like to state that as all who have proposed topics I definitely support the continuation of the Middle East space and  I also support the WHOIS compliance with the GDPR as the topic for our second Middle East Space.


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Subject: [MEAC ICANN] Second Middle East Space_Topics

Dear all,

Thank you for all who proposed topics for the second ME Space.
8 topics have been proposed:

  1.  Middle East Geographic Region l  Chokri Ben Romdhane
  2.  Whois compliance with GDPR  l  Farzaneh Badii + Mohamed El Bashir + Rafik Damak + Tijani Ben Jemaa
  3.  Universal Acceptance  l  Baher Esmat
  4.  Country & Territory Names in new gTLDs (Geo-Names)  l  Nadira Alaraj + Rafik Damak
  5.  New gTLDs Subsequent Procedures  l  Rafik Damak
  6.  Lexical issues  l  Nebiye Kurtböke
  7.  Next Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services (RDS) to replace Whois  l  Rafik Damak + Zakir Syed
  8.  ICANN’s draft FY19 Operating Plan & Budget  l  Zakir Syed

As you see, the topic #2 has more supporters than the others and would be the one we will address.

Due to the extension of the period dedicated for call for topics, I propose the following modified timeline:
31 January          Call for topics                                                                              (9 days)
08 February        Announcement of the selected topic
                              Forming a drafting team                                                           (5 days)
13 February        Start Drafting the 1st version of the statement                     (7 days)
20 February        Posting the 1st draft for comment                                          (5 days)
25 February        Inclusion of the comments in the 1st draft                            (3 days)
28 February        Posting the 2nd draft for comment                                         (4 days)
04 March            Final draft finalization                                                                (3 days)
07 March            Sending Final draft to be printed
Let’s now form a drafting team: Please express your will to be part of it by 12 February 23:59 UTC
The drafting team will start its work on 13 February


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