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Subject: [menog-announce] MENOG 11 Fellowships available

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that fellowship applications for the MENOG
11/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Amman, Jordan are now available.

The MENOG Fellowship Program is an initiative funded by the Internet
Society (ISOC) and offers financial assistance to engineers from
countries in the Middle East to attend MENOG Meetings and
MENOG-sponsored events. Up to three fellowships are awarded to eligible

The MENOG 11/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting will be held from 30 September until
9 October 2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Deadline for Applications
Applications for the MENOG Fellowship Program must be submitted by *10
August* 2012.

Full details about the MENOG Fellowship Program, including information
about how to apply and eligibility criteria, can be found on the MENOG
website at:

We encourage you to pass this information to anyone involved in Middle
East operators' groups and who has a keen interest in the activities of
MENOG. You might also consider acting as a reference for an applicant.

Further Information
For information about MENOG 11, please see:

Information about the RIPE NCC and RIPE NCC Regional Meetings can be
found at:

If you have any questions, please email <menog at ripe.net>.


The MENOG Coordination Team

Ahmed Abu-Abed, Kais Al-Essa, Osama Al-Dosary, Sultan Al-Shamsi, Sandra
Gijzen, Saleh Mansour, Paul Rendek, Philip Smith

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