[ArabICANN] Latest news -- UN ECOSOC Resolution 306 (XXVII) regarding the Arab IGF

Ayman El-Sherbiny el-sherbiny at un.org
Thu Aug 9 13:36:25 EEST 2012

Dear All

I am pleased to inform you that during its just concluded regular session, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) endorsed the Resolution regarding Establishment of the Arab IGF.

The ECOSOC Resolution provides an additional global mandate to the Arab IGF process over and above the regional mandates provided by the Resolutions of the Arab Telecom and Information Council of Ministers (ATICM) - February 2012, and of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) - May 2012. The Resolution is very important not only regarding the Arab IGF process, but also pertaining to the implementation of the Arab Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance as well as sustaining efforts in the Arabic domain names field.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the whole Arab IGF community, AIGF MAG members, LAS Secretariat, AIGF Secretariat, and AIGF Host entities, plus all strategic partners in the process, for previous and ongoing diligent and constructive efforts that will undoubtedly lead to valuable achievements for the Arab region in the global Internet Governance arena. I am confident that the first annual meeting of the Arab IGF, hosted by KITS, in Kuwait, next October, will be a historical landmark and will pave the road for fulfilment of LAS, ESCWA, and ECOSOC Resolutions, and creating "A better Internet for a better Internet World". 

Best regards

Ayman El-Sherbiny

Co-Chair, Arab Dialogue on Internet Governance Initiative, ESCWA-LAS
Chief, Information and Communication Technology Policies, ESCWA

Development of the Arab Internet Governance Forum process and sustaining
efforts in the Arabic domain names field (Resolution 306 (XXVII))
9. The Commission emphasized the importance of the Internet Governance Forum and
recognized the importance of the joint initiative of ESCWA and the League of Arab
States concerning the Arab Dialogue on Internet Governance, and its two strategic
outputs, which were adopted by the Arab Telecommunications and Information
Council of Ministers at its fifteenth session. It noted the outcomes of the Conference
and Public Consultations to Establish the Arab Internet Governance Forum held in
Beirut, on 31 January and 1 February 2012, which stressed the need for an Arab
Internet Governance Forum and set the scene for launching the multi -stakeholder
process of establishing the Forum, and in this context, and encouraged Governments of
ESCWA member countries to actively participate in the process of establishing the
Arab Internet Governance Forum in coordination with the League of Arab States. The
Commission requested the secretariat to facilitate the establishment of the Arab
Internet Governance Forum in partnership with the League of Arab States and in
cooperation with the relevant international and regional organizations and other United
Nations Regional Commissions; and to support policies and directions concerning the
implementation of the sub-programmes of the Arab Regional Road Map for Internet
Governance under the umbrella of the Arab Internet Governance Forum process and to
support efforts for the acquisition of Arabic Top- Level Domains.
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